Month: March 2011

Viruses and Malware

I have spent about four days trying to restore a church member's computer after getting infected with some nasty malware (again). I was also asked by a person at work this week if I could fix their computer, after "my brother got a virus while surfing the web" and the computer would not boot up any more. I urge you to make sure your computer is protected, I have links to FREE recommended software on this website – you NEED to protect yourself. Have just about got this member's computer ready to...

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Message from Mozambique from Pastor Cabongo

  Here is a note from one of our Bible Students, a Pastor in Mozambique I would like to share with you. Some of these third world Pastors are using our Bible Correspondence Courses as their sole source of Bible Training!   Thank you Dear Man of God ; for having mailing New Bible Lessons to me. I believe I'll receive them safe and then I shall let you know. Only, I am still wandering to know whether the Answers to The First Lessons' Tests I did arrived to you or not; because I mailed them since the beginning of the last month.Then, I am anxious to know something about my Marks . Anyway, I am satisfied to learn The Word of God to your feet. God bless. Pastor Damson Cabongo ( your...

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Faith Baptist Church in Atascadero

A while back I rescued a domain for Faith Baptist Church in Atascadero California ( I have been working with Pastor Dennis Richards, and he decided to publish his website using a Mac computer. He put it up on the Apple Hosting service. We decided to add forwarding, with masking to allow people to hit the website without seeing the actual URL he published to. I rescued another domain...

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