Month: May 2011

The World We Live In

When we send Bible Correspondence Courses overseas we send them in bulk when we can to a person that will distribute them to save money on postage. Here is an email chain between us and a person in Africa that requested bulk courses. The names of the people and even the country have been kept private to make sure no further repercussions happen. Us: Hello We have received your requests for Bible lessons to be sent for four Enrollees We would like to send lessons to all in one package. Can I mail all lessons to one person? Them: No. send them to me at my PO Box Us: Hello, Your lessons were finally mailed on Friday. I did mail 5 extra sets so the package is very large. We hope they arrive soon and you and your friends learn more about Jesus Christ. May God bless you, Mr. & Mrs. Hoffman   Psalm 34:3 O magnify the LORD with me and let us exalt his name together. Them: I hope all of the courses/lessons have been registered with a student number so that I can just pass them each to individual student to complete the lessons and answers those questions. Then I suppose they sent it back to you for marking. They should be getting a certificate when they finish? Us: Hello! Yes, the name is on the...

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IBBC Paris Illinois

Recovered website ( of Independent Bible Baptist Church in Paris Illinois. A church member had been maintaining their website and relocated. Worked with member Andy Pullen and reinstalled the templates so it could be maintained by Andy once...

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