Month: November 2011

The Holtsclaw Family

I received a call from Tim Holtsclaw, son in law of Pastor Jim Patterson (one of our supporting churches) asking for current login information to update the website of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Roanoke Virginia ( After talkin with Tim for while I found out he was a church planter in the US and had a website set up on Microsoft Officelive. I set up a domain name for his ministry ( and pointed it to their Officelive website, it was working in about 10 minutes. The new domain is substantially easier for them to give out than the long URL at...

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This is a salvation of a 22 year old in Uganda

I’ve always heard Jesus is savior but never knew it’s a personal decision. I didn’t know I would be judged as one individual one day until today when I read this correspondence that I am a sinner and heading for hell. Therefore I decide to take the personal choice and decision of accepting Jesus an ‘MY OWN PERSONAL SAVIOR & LORD.” I’ve repented all my sins and I am very excited that they’re all forgiven. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!...

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Key West Baptist Temple

I was contacted by a Deacon from Key West Baptist Temple. We rescued the domain ( back in 2006. The previous pastor had created content. The previous Pastor went home to be with the Lord a while back and the new Pastor asked a Deacon to see if he could update the content. Casey (the Deacon) was working with Radiant Webtools and created new content. We worked together to publish the website and repoint the domain to their new website being hosted at...

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