Month: August 2012

From an inmate in Illinois

Thank you for every course and lessons you had send me and may God bless every soul of that ministry. In the course I had learned a lot. It keeps me with my mind focus on positive things from the Bible and I really appreciate that. Inmates like me need somebody like you that send us Bible lessons for our spiritual areas. They are blessings to us and you know we appreciate it. God bless you...

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Charity Baptist Church Oxford Michigan

I was contacted by Pastor Jeff Walters of  Charity Baptist Church in Oxford Michigan about a month ago. He is a friend of Evangelist Russell Kidman, and wanted to set up a website. I registered the domain ( for him and set him up on the Website Baker Templates back in July.. He has some content up now. I sent him an email to see if he wants to change the coding on the template to update a static piece of the...

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The Guide School of Biblical Discipleship

Ben Watson of the Alternative Media Department at Source of Light Ministries International in Madison, Georgia contacted me about setting up a website for him. He is establishing an online associate discipleship school under the Alternative Media department at Source of Light. The school will be a parachurch activity. The school will be called The Guide School of Biblical Discipleship. The basis for that name is found in acts 8:30-31 where Phillip asks the Ethiopian eunuch if he understands what he is reading and the eunuch asks, "How can I except some man guide me?" Then there is Jesus words in John 16:13 where he promises that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.  I registered a domain ( and set up WordPress for Brother Ben. He will be updating the website with my help in the near...

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