Month: September 2013

Volume 26 Issue 3 (Third Quarter 2013) – Missionaries to Cyberspace Newsletter

"When you see the DOG go to GOD in prayer for the Hoffman Family – missionaries to Cyberspace." Third Quarter 2013 Volume 26 Issue 3 Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Latest News: The website hacking has been controlled. The demands of the Greyhound job are still going strong.  I am continuing the migration of websites off the current providers due to major security issues the hosting service. Maureen's health has improved. Please continue to keep us and this ministry in prayer! Church Website Ministry: I received a call from a member of Lake Valley Baptist Church in Moses Lake Washington. The Pastor left and they are in the process of trying to grow the church. He wanted information on the website. He will recommend that we continue hosting their website at We then discussed additional domains. Tim understands the concept of "branding" even for a church (as for a business). We decided to add the .com and .net version of their domain. I registered and, and "parked" them on so that all three domains will reach their website. Received the following email… Hi, my name is __ and I'm new to Faith Baptist Church in Taylor, TX. They are a very small congregation (about 20 people) and the pastor and his wife have no technical understanding at all. I've offered...

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Bethel Baptist Church Pekin Illinois

I rescued the domain "" several years ago. I was contacted by a church member asking for the return of the domain. I set up some documentationon the process and contacted the church. I have temporarily set the church up on...

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