Month: February 2014

Volume 27 Issue 1 (First Quarter 2014) – Missionaries to Cyberspace Newsletter

"When you see the DOG go to GOD in prayer for the Hoffman Family – missionaries to Cyberspace." First Quarter 2014 Volume 27 Issue 1 Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Latest News:The demands of the Greyhound job are still going strong.  I am continuing the migration of websites off the current providers due to major security issues the hosting service. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maureen's health has improved. Please continue to keep us and this ministry in prayer! Church Website Ministry: I was contacted by a gentleman named Dwight Patterson, a friend of a person that used to use our online Bulletin Board here in Dallas Texas. His friend relocated to Virginia a year or two ago, Dwight wanted to set up a website for a Bible Institute they are trying to get off the ground in Richardson Texas. After a discussion on a domain name, Brother Dwight decided on I registered the domain and set up a WordPress website for him. I received a call from a member of Southwood Baptist Church in Tallahassee Florida. They wanted to make the Sunday services available online, and possibly do a streaming video. I requested the send me a DVD with the latest service on it, so I can see what the files he is creating look like,...

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An Exchange With a Pastor –

I need to quit being too blunt. Please pray for me… Pastor, First let me say I have the utmost respect for you as Pastor and acknowledge that you are in ultimate control of your church and have all authority with respect to that local body of believers. I have mixed feelings about responding because I do respect your position and do not want to further offend you (Psa 119:165). I am sorry you have taken my message negatively, and will apologize up front if this message further comes across negatively to you. You say you do not appreciate my spirit, when you neither know me, nor appear to have any understanding of the ministry God called me to, While you are indeed responsible for what is put out in the public, I am also responsible for what I do with the asset of the church (the old domain) and what I deem is the best use of the Lord’s resources to provide continuity and help you in getting your new presence online.   In my opinion what you did (not saying this to be condescending or judgmental) is the same as taking out an ad to come visit your church this Sunday, and providing an address to a church building that will not be completed for another month, To me that would be pointless. I apologize for being so direct.   The old domain...

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From a student in Malawi

Dear the Hoffman Family, I will communicate upon receipt of the Lessons. I always appreciate for this wonderful lessons and it is my daily prayer that the Lord should bless and meet all your needs. In Christ, Your Son (his name...

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