Month: January 2015

Server Issues

The Independent Baptist Database ( crashed the database server on the shared hosting provider we were using causing the hosting provder to lock us out of the database and causing the website a service interuption for 5 days. This has resulted in us going back to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and moving the three largest and potentially disruptive database sites off the shared hosting solution. I had problems in the past with the VPS due to my lack of expertise in Linux. The VPS has been up for three days now and so far in very stable. I have cleaned up the databases and pray the system will continue relatively problem free. The other two Websites are (a Family oriented resource with heavy emphasis on homeshchooling) and ( a website brought about by the pastor of our sending church looking for a place to sell or give away some old music and hymn books they no longer use. I still am unsure of the future or direction of this website, which includes links on barter and a host of classified ads from around the world). I spent most of the week of my vacation working on...

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From a student in North Carolina

Just a little note to say “thank you” for the past years. I pray that this year “2015” will bring, health, wealth & prosperity to the FamilyNet. Pray for my health & faith in the Lord and I’ll do the same for this ministry. Love & Peace, God’s...

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From a 24 year old in Georgia

Mrs. Hoffman, I would like to wish you and my whole FamilyNet International family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It has been a great pleasure and a great life changing experience to be a part of the studies and your letters have become one of the most important parts of my life and I really look forward to receiving them both for as long as possible. This is much needed and an enjoyful first step of change for me. May you all be blessed and have a new year full of wealth and...

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