Month: March 2015

From a student in Cameroon

Greetings to the ministry of Bob and Maureen H. I am sorry for the delaying these answer sheets, up to this time. I wish to appreciate the certificate of achievement I got and equally to comment that the material from you people has been wonderful. I woud have loved to be more faster than I do so that within a short time I may even have a Bachelor or Arts/Dr. Theology, (Ba/Bth) but my problem is the nature of the environment in which I am. Recently I even discovered my email is no more functional and that makes communication very difficult. My prayer for you people is that God will keep you no matter the storms you may see facing as you keep imparting sons and daughters world-wide. Your son in the...

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From a student in Malawi

We are also blessed much with these wonderful lessons. In other word the Lessons are more appetizing and well cooked. By the end of every lesson I tell you it lifts you up in one area of your spiritual life. To God be all the glory for all what you are doing to us. Your son In...

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From a student in Nigeria

Dearly Beloved, Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May the Peace and Grace of our God be multiplied in you throughout this year 2015 in Jesus Name, Amen! Happy New Year!! I use this opportunity to show gratitude to God for what He has been using you to do in our lives especially those of us in this part of the world who are destitute of having enough study materials and lack of finance to attend seminary schools because of high cost of fees/tuition. Thank you for sending us the lessons. I have evenly distributed them. Also, I am very grateful to have been able to re establish my relationship with you. Please I still need more of your wonderful helps. I want you to help me more for a speedy spiritual growth and more, better teaching (Biblical) skills development, equipping me for the training of our numerous church workers/leaders, especially at the remote areas and suburban areas. Please don't be offended, I also need more samples of tracts, and your permission to have them reprinted for our hospital, street and house to house evangelism by our numerous churches. I am very sorry for the inconveniences all my problems may have been caused. May God will immensely reward. Amen! Your son in the Lord… **We have contacted an organization that will send him...

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