Month: October 2015

Anchor Baptist Church Tulsa Oklahoma

I received a call from Interim Pastor Toby Houston of Anchor Baptist Church in Tulsa Oklahoma. They have a new temporary meeting place, and the information from the old placeholder website was incorrect. I asked if wanted a new permanent website set up, and after some discussion, I registered a new domain ( for them and set up a WordPress website for...

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From a student in Nigeria

Dearly Beloved, Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ We are so grateful to God for using you to affect our lives positively with so profounding, stimulating and enriching course materials. Thank you for the tracts which was sent to us. The tracts has been evenly distributed among ministers who are using them for hospital, burial evangelisms, street and personal evangelisms. Thank you very much and God bless...

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From a student in Maryland

Dear FamilyNet International, On Oct 1, I will be living at a new residence (address given). I look forward to continuing my biblical studies. I'm really enjoying these bible study courses. I hope that all is well with everyone there and your families. Yours in Christ...

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