Month: January 2016

Domains are an asset!

I have not gotten on my soapbox in quite a while on the subject of domains being an asset (much the same as a building, a bus, etc). I have been checking for broken links in the baptist database (, and this morning I came across a link to a (former) church web page that now points to an adult website (even the new domain name of the landing page contains obscenity). The secular world is celebrating with numerous articles referencing the website (which used to condemn homosexuality) which is now pointing to a homosexual adult website! "Anti-Gay Website Redirects To Gay Porn Thanks To A Lapsed Domain Name, An Intrepid Redditor, And Karma" "Word to the wise: Never forget to renew your domain name. Case in point: the anti-gay church whose hate site now re-directs to gay porn. Because sometimes karma works in mysterious ways, and sometimes it's actually pretty blatant." I submit to you preachers, deacons and Christian website administrators that there is no such thing as karma, but there is certainly the wrath of God. And that wrath (while it will someday be pointed at those that have hosted these porn sites, and those that practice homosexuality), that you and I will also be held accountable for what we did (or did not do) with the assets that God has placed in our trust. While it...

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Domain Scam Registration Fraud Continues

I received a domain scam letter from a company named Internet Domain Name Services via US Mail (click on link below). They state that one of my domains is due to expire on May 7, 2016 (a bit down the road). They request They state I must renew my domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the web. They want to charge me $45 for one year (our domains cost around $10 per year to renew). If you get these kinds of letters CONTACT YOUR PROVIDER BEFORE you send money to a bunch of scammers like Internet Domain Name Services! PC World has an excellent article explaining some of the scams that are going around.  Fraud...

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