Month: March 2017

Lavon Drive Baptist Church – Garland Texas

     I had the pleasure of presenting our ministry work at Lavon Drive Baptist Church (our home church) in Garland Texas this morning.      The Crusaders class needed a fill in for Sunday School this morning at Lavon Drive Baptist Church, so I agreed to fill in.      As usual, nothing went right. I got there early and worked for 50 minutes trying to get Power Point to start up. After numerous reboots and attempts, I was unable to get it going. Fortunately, I had a hard copy of the outline. I was able to give a decent presentation. Most of the class had not known a lot about our ministry, and it was a blessing to be able to share and answer questions.      Lavon Drive Baptist Church’s website can be found at...

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God’s Bridge to Eternal Life

     While I was updating the Baptist Ministries Database, ( I found a Bible Tract on a missionary's website called "God's Bridge to Eternal Life."      The God's Bridge tract was great, and was available in many languages, so I contacted the owners of the tract (Majestic Media) and requested permission to publish the tract on our ministry. I was not sure where to publish the tracts (I have tracts in many different places). I finally decided on a new website. I registered the domain (      I currently have tracts up in English, Spanish and Chinese and I have been looking for a way to expand to other languages, and this was perfect!      I installed the God's Bridge tract in English, Spanish and French yesterday. Nancy Shields (of Toolkit Ministries) saw it and asked me to put up the Children's version of the tract (which I did today). I also saw that the website ( was taking hits from China already, so I installed the Chinese God's Bridge to Eternal Life tract today.     I will be adding more languages as I get time. I am excited about this. Please pray that God uses this new website as I continue to publish the Gospel to all nations (Mark...

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Bethel Baptist Church Rockwall TX

Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Bethel Baptist Church in Rockwall Texas this morning. We have been hosting their website ( for several years now. We have also had the pleasure of Nancy Shield's company today (Nancy's ministry is called Toolkit Ministries). We have been hosting Nancy's website ( for quite a...

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