Month: April 2017

First Baptist Church of Flat

     Pastor Floyd Brown of First Baptist Church of Flat in Gatesville Texas contacted me. Pastor Brown and I met at a small church several years ago when he and his wife Sara were missionaries.      I set up a website for them when he became a Pastor at Eureka Baptist Church in Weatherford Texas.      Brother Floyd had become Pastor of First Baptist Church of Flat and wanted to know if I could help him out again.      They had a domain name that was on their sign, but the person that had registered it and maintained it was no longer reachable. I suggested a domain with a .com instead of the .org domain they had.      After some attempts to try to contact the person that owned the .org domain brother Floyd told me they wanted to go ahead with the domain.      I registered the domain for First Baptist Church of Flat and put up a basic website for the church with contact information, contact form and map with the location of the...

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Baptist Connections

Baptist Connections          I have been working with Evangelist Dr. Timothy Holtsclaw to host new church plants for several years. Dr. Holtsclaw is the director of the BATA church planting ministry. Tim had an idea to create a website that would match KJV Churches looking for staff and staff looking for positions in KJV churches.      We talked it over and I decided it would be doable. I did some research and the best platform I could find was actually a dating platform. It took a lot of customizing to change information to match the Baptist Connections data set.      Dr. Holtsclaw settled on the domain name, which I registered. I created a WordPress website, installed the dating plugin and after much tweaking Baptist Connections came on line last week.      In order to see the listings, one must register. We are open to suggestions. The website is still in its early stages of development. Lord willing Baptist Connections will help facilitate the matching up of preachers looking for churches and churches looking for staff.      While maintenance and upkeep will be labor intensive, hopefully this will fill a need in the IFB...

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