Month: October 2017

From a prisoner in Mississippi

From a prisoner in MS… To whom it may concern at FamilyNet. I just want to take a moment of your time and say thank you for the Bible study list of courses that you sent me. This was very kind of you. I really do thank you for that. I am getting some good knowledge on the Bible from the Bible courses I am working on at this time with FamilyNet. I hope that you are all doing well at FamilyNet Bible school. I am keeping you in my prayers and I ask that you do the same for me. God is really showing me the things in my life that I need to work on to be a more effective witness for Him. I than you for all you do in helping ones to learn the Word of God. I look forward to the next Bible study...

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     I was approached by a lady that wanted to do online Bible studies for a bunch of friends. She is calling her study “Lamplighters.”      She had registered a domain and set up a website ( on Goddaddy’s Website Builder using their one month free trial.      She asked if I could host the website using WordPress. I told her I could (and would). I created (to the best of my ability) a duplicate Lamplighters website using her content (less the copyrighted images) in WordPress at so she could look at WordPress and see how it works.      She feels that the site looks fine and is going to see if she can grasp WordPress (which admittedly requires a bit more technical expertise than Website Builder does). WordPress also offers more features and flexibility, and best of all is free.      She told me she “would make it work.”      When she is ready we will go in and move the top level domain to point to the WordPress Website and go...

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BBC Russelville Final Night

I had the pleasure of preaching tonight at the closing service of the missions conference at Bible Baptist Church in Russelville Arkansas. Our relationship with the church started when we hosted their domain (bbcruss,org) back in 2008. The church is a warm friendly church and Maureen and I were blessed. We will be heading back to Texas in the...

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