Month: December 2017

Liberty Baptist Church Yuma AZ

     I was contacted several weeks ago by a gentleman we provided web hosting for years ago in Maryland. He relocated to Yuma Arizona and was an Assistant Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church there.      Brother McConkey said he was going to be taking over as Pastor December first and wanted to register a domain for the church. We talked about it and he decided on the domain      I registered for him. I set up a WordPress website with secure (SSL) certificate for him and he built a website for the church. There is an old website for the church that will be expiring next month, but Pastor McConkey decided to start over with a new domain and a new...

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جسر الله إلى الحياة الخالدة

     I have added the Arabic Version of God’s Bridge to Eternal Life (جسر الله إلى الحياة الخالدة) to our God’ website.  I have also published the link to my evangelistic Facebook page. Please pray that the Lord will use this tract to reach the unsaved Arab population around the world in their native language. The tract can be found at      We currently have this Bible tract up in English, German, French Spanish, Chinese and now Arabic!  We also have additional Bible Tracts up on other pages and have given out over 87,000 Bible tracts worldwide!...

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From a Student in Virginia

From a 68 year old student in VA… Thank you for the wonderful lessons. Yes, Satan will try to turn our needs and hearts and minds from our Lord. Each day we must put the whole armor of God on and also to fight with the Word of God. You must tell Satan to get out of your life. God is my Father and Saviour. Thanks be to God. Amen,...

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