Month: February 2018

From a Student in Maryland

From a student in MD… Thank you, I am trying to get closer to God cause I do love Him. Please pray for me, with all my heart I want my faith, my life, my mind to please Him. Thank you for these lessons.

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Missionaries to Cyberspace 1Q 2018 Newsletter

“When you go on the internet, please pray for the Hoffman Family – your missionaries to Cyberspace.”   Volume 31 Issue 1 (February/2018) Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Latest News: جسر الله إلى الحياة الخالدة  I have added the Arabic Version of God’s Bridge to Eternal Life (جسر الله إلى الحياة الخالدة) to our God’ website.  I have also published the link to my evangelistic Facebook page. Please pray that the Lord will use this tract to reach the unsaved Arab population around the world in their native language. The tract can be found at We currently have this Bible tract up in English, German, French Spanish, Chinese and now Arabic! We also have additional Bible Tracts up on other pages and have given out over 89,000 Bible tracts worldwide! We had major issues caused by the hosting we provide free to Independent Baptist Ministries. Right before Christmas one of our hosting accounts was actually suspended by our hosting provider because of content (relax it was not objectionable – just volume) of one of our hosting accounts. The account was not released until I could find and remove all the sermons that were buried in directories all over the website (fortunately I had them all backed up). I was able to set up my own FTP server with two TB of redundant disk space to handle sermons (only...

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Bible Baptist Church in New Braunfels Texas

     Pastor Steve Parker contacted me over the weekend. Brother Steve is planting Bible Baptist Church in New Braunfels Texas. He is a member of Marion Baptist Church in Marion Texas (one of our supporting churches).      We have been hosting the website for Marion Baptist Church since 2006. Pastor Rudy Elizondo suggested brother Steve give me a call to get a website going for him so he sent me an email.     Pastor Parker and I spoke briefly, and he decided on the domain name for Bible Baptist Church in New Braunfels.      He provided me with some pictures, a logo and some information. I was able to get a WordPress website up with a Secure Certificate (SSL) and worked with Brother Parker to get the website tuned to his liking.      Sister Dawn Huff (a missionary out of Marion Baptist Church) set up a Facebook Page for Bible Baptist Church New Braunfels, and I was able to bring their Facebook page feed into their web page.      I also added a Bible Reading plugin, and a devotional plugin as well as a Gospel Tract to the website.      Bible Baptist Church will be holding their first meeting on March 4th 2018 at the Longhorn Café in New Braunfels Texas at 2:30 pm. We added a map to help people find their location.      Pastor Parker also...

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