Not surprising – since I have gone through the class before – finished at the head of the class. Really missed working on the ministry though. Have a couple of more weeks training (they call it finishing school) and will be out on the road again. The benfits won't start for 90 days though (after I start work). Maureen reminds me that 90 days is better than no benefits. Will see if the shcedule will enable me to do the newsletter – may have to wait until the end of the month and just skip one. There was supposed to be a webpage set up for our class. I will post it if it comes through. Met lots of old friends, most of whom still need the Lord. God knows what He is doing!

I was contacted by several ministries – did not have much time to respond. Will try and take care of them tomorrow.

I was able to update the web page for Toolkit Ministries Spring 2010 News. (

Still never heard anything from Facebook as to why the account was disabled. I created a new ministry account. Feel free to invite me. Have created a SEPARATE account for the evangelism now – combing the two last time caused some problems. These posts should automatically update on my "wall."