I have been catching up on the mundane since I have been furloughed. One of the neglected tasks has been to check the 6000+ links in the Baptist Ministries Database (baptist-ministries.org). This database is probably the single most accurate database of every ministry link that claims to be "Independent Baptist" or appears in an independent Baptist list somewhere. There are a number of ministries (churches, missionaries etc) that have simply let their domains expire for one reason or another. I have "rescued" thre domains in the last week (although I have a list of 40 or so domains that have expired, and can be registered). Over the last week I have been contacted by three churches that want to re-establish their web presence and have asked to get their domains back in one way or another. I don't think that God is pleased with the lackadaisical attitude that many ministries have regarding their web presence. I guess only eternity will tell. Many fundamental independent Baptist ministries are simply closing their doors (and web sites). This is requiring a lot of research on my part – hence the "backlog" of potential domains to rescue. I am about 2/3s of the way through the link check process (the goal is to do it once a quarter). The software has a built in link check function, but each "broken link" must be researched individually. If you have not checked out the Baptist Ministries Database  please do so at baptist-ministries.org. If you know of a ministry that is not listed, feel free to add it. If you know of a ministry that does not have a web presence, please send them our way.