I received a call from Pastor Ernest Key of Bernalillo Baptist Church in Bernalillo New Mexico. He said he had a friend that was going to help him build a website for his church and he needed their website put in “development mode.”

Bernalillo Baptist Church in Bernalillo New Mexico

     After we talked for a while, I explained to Pastor Key that the website we had up for him was one of our temporary “unofficial” placeholder websites to provide a link for our Baptist Ministries database.

     I briefly explained our ministry and we discussed possibilities for a domain name for Bernalillo Baptist Church, and Brother Key decided on bernalillobaptist.com, since most people call the Church Bernalillo Baptist.

      I registered the domain, and installed WordPress for the church. The next day their web man, Doug, contacted me. We played unsuccessfully trying to install an old Theme he had. I worked with him to find a new theme.

     I had purchased the “Elegant” themes for the ministry after using it with another ministry and liked it. I showed it to Doug on the Demo WordPress website I have set and he liked it. I installed it and he is using that to build the Bernalillo Baptist Church website.

     The old second level domain is now pointing to the new website and the new website is up and running.