I received a call yesterday from the former webmaster of Bible Baptist Church in Harrisburg Illinois. We talked a while, the church apparently had been hosted by a Christian hosting service (paid). The service was getting ready to expire, and the Pastor lost his computer and was unable to answer email. The hosting service apparently cancelled the service. The person I was talking to attempted to try and get the domain back, but was told he would have to pay extra for it. Not sure what happened at that time. I “rescued” their domain (http://www.harrisburgbiblebaptist.com) back in April 09. This fellow stumbled upon the the rescued website and decided to call me. I set up an FTP account for him (he is using Dreamweaver) and he had the old content back up in under 15 minutes. He also asked for (and I gave him) CPanel access to his account. This service is a ministry to us – in part because I never want to intentionally take down one of the Lord's websites. We do not charge for anything we do, but trust the Lord to provide.