Bible Believers Baptist Church    I was contacted by Pastor Carlos Nabata of Bible Believers Baptist Church in the (Tangle Mexico Pampanga) Philippines over the weekend. We have been hosting their website ( for many years, and the gentleman that had built their website was no longer able to update it. Pastor Nabata wanted to know if I could update the website for him.

     The website was written in php code, and I cannot program in code. I told Pastor Nabata I could convert his content over to WordPress and then make updates to the website for him. He agreed.

    A couple of their pages had no content, I am waiting for some new content to fill that missing content in.

     I spent the afternoon making the conversion. I found a template today that I love, with a slider that is awesome. The Bible Believers Baptist Church website is now converted over to WordPress. I have sent a note off to Pastor Nabata to let him know and await content for more updates.

Bible Believers Baptist Church