I want to share this email we got today:

Dear Bro Bob,
Greetings in Jesus name!!!!
Thank God for there is a ministry like your ministry, this is one of a kind.
I tried to email you in your outlook but i cant go thru, so I decided to just do it in yahoo mail. First Let me introduce myself.
My name is Carlos P. Nabata, a Pastor of Bible Believers Baptist Church here in Philippines.
The reason why I write to you is that I want to have the same unofficial website so I can post our church photos and advertise it.
Please let me know how am I going to have one website.
Thank you & regards,
Pastor Carlos P. Nabata
Bible Believers Baptist Church
Dahlia St Royal Meadows Subd.
Tangle Mexico Pampanga Philippines
Tel # +63 905 235 2005

I set them up on templates with a domain of www.bbbckjv.com. It looks like we will be maintaining the website for them.