Hi Bob, Maureen. Hopefully you are all good. How are you doing? All them verses (he listed many at the top of the page) plus many more in the Bible are the most precious and beautiful words a human being like me can ever read.
What can wash away my sins? Peter says is "the precious blood of Christ". 1:19 you see as filthy as I was I cant come boldly to the most high place cause I need the blood of Jesus to enter. What a relief to me to find words like that in the Bible Bob and Maureen cause I really needed to be clean and washed in the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Well Bob and Maureen this would be it for today. May our merciful, lovely and gentle God with his Son Jesus Christ and our best teacher the Holy Spirit make you company and pour down his blessings around you and to you. I love you both a lot. Respectfully…