2 More Saved We saw two more people who are taking the Bible Correspondence Courses make professions this week.  a 49 year old man in a California prisona 32 year old lady in IndianaWe have five new students from Cameroon enrolled this week. I was contacted by a student at Ambassador Baptist College in North Carolina this week. He attends a small church and wanted to put up a website for the church. He did a Google search and found one of our “unofficial” websites. He would like to try the templates to put up a website for the church (he does not have time “to learn a new programming language”).  I spoke to the Pastor briefly yesterday. The Pastor confirmed the student attends the church, but was concerned about any cost that might be involved. I told him we did not charge for anything we do, and would get their church set up on a nice website. I registered a domain for the church and set up templates. I am waiting to hear back from the student at this time.
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog