A couple of days ago I received a call from the youth pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Suplhur Louisiana. I had an “Unofficial” website up for them, and he had put up a his own website. He wanted to know what the options were. We talked about it briefly and he said he would call me back.He called back today.  I found out that he did not have a top level domain, his website was up at http://calvary-baptist-church.webs.com. The “Unofficial” domain was at http://www.calvary-baptist-online.com. I asked if he would like to keep the domain I had the unofficial website on. We discussed it and he opted to keep the domain I had for them. The hosting company he was with wanted to charge him $19 to transfer the domain. Our hosting at http://www.ekklesia-online.org would cost less than $8 a year to register his domain. I had him set up an account on ekklesia-online.org and I transferred the domain over to his new account (no charge). I walked him through changing the registration information, and helped him set up “forwarding with masking.” Now when you go to calvary-baptist-online.com you hit the webs.com domain. This is hidden from the browser so you don't know the domain is being redirected. He asked what he owed me, I explained we do not charge for anything we do, that we are a faith based ministry.I try to reuse the top-level domains we have – give them a good new home at a deserving Independent Baptist Church whenever possible.