I received a phone call this morning from Pastor Jeremy Allen of Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church in Eastman Georgia.

Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church

     Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church had a website in the past and had a lot of literature with their website on it, but the fellow that had set up the website had left their church and their domain had expired.

      Pastor Allen ran into my friend Evangelist Timothy Holtsclaw (theholtsclawfamily.com). Dr. Holtsclaw explained our ministry of providing help in getting ministries online to Pastor Allen so he decided to give me a call.

     Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church’s domain (cgbceastman.com) was available so I registered it and set up a WordPress website for Pastor Allen. He provided me with several pictures. I built a basic website, and provided Brother Jeremy with several websites of churches we host so he could get a feel for what is available out there.

      Pastor Jeremy will look things over and get back to me at some future point and we will work on refining (or rebuilding Calvary’s Grace Baptist Church’s website.