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From a Student in Arkansas

From a 71 year old student in AR… She is taking the Fishers of Men soul winning course. Besides the lessons, there are 8 corresponding Bible verses on card stock and we add a copy of A Simple Method for Memorizing...

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From a prisoner in Nebraska

From a prisoner in Nebraska… Dear FamilyNet International, Thank you so much for my lessons and thank you also for all your hard work and time in sending my lessons to me. Today here at (name of prison) we had snow. It...

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From a student in Arkansas

From a student in AR… This student is taking the Fishers of Men course which is a soul winning course. With each book there are 8 Bible verses to memorize. She writes, I am working on the memory verses. I have all of them...

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From a student in Nigeria

From a student in Nigeria who founded the Christian Literature Distribution Project and helps coordinate getting our lessons into schools. Calvary greetings in His name hoping all is well with you, family and the Lord’s...

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From a Student in Virginia

From a 68 year old student in VA… Thank you for the wonderful lessons. Yes, Satan will try to turn our needs and hearts and minds from our Lord. Each day we must put the whole armor of God on and also to fight with the...

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