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From a Prisoner in Illinois

A prisoner in IL writes: Hi Bob and Maureen, Happy 2019. I’m super glad that you guys thought right. I did like this 4 lessons and I want more. About the drawing on the Christmas card, I did not do it. But I know somebody...

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From a Student in Arkansas

A 72 year old student in AR writes “I have truly enjoyed the FamilyNet courses, even the one I flubbed up. Thank you for all the encouragement and help that you have given me. I am looking forward to lesson 2, Prophecies...

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From a Prisoner in Texas

Letter from a prisoner in Gatesville TX reads: Hello, I am writing to request to do your Bible study by mail for inmates. If you know of any others, please let me know. While here, I want to grow in Christ and learn more about...

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From a Student in Virginia

A student in VA writes that the most important things he learned from this lesson is “That the main problem for Christians is “self” and we must remove self and allow Christ to live in us. We cannot live a life...

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From a Student in Texas

The most important thing a student in TX learned is that Myself along with my sins died on the cross with Jesus, buried with Him and we are now in Christ’s family. We might have the same old body physically, but we have a...

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From a prisoner in Nebraska

The first course we send to our Bible students is Light from the Gospel of John and it has a very clear plan of salvation. A prisoner from Nebraska did not answer the question about salvation so I sent it to him again. He...

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