De Hart Family Missionaries to Mexico.

     Last week I received an email from the De Hart Missionaries to Mexico. Scottie De Hart ran across one of our web pages and decided to contact us.

De Hart Family Missionaries to Mexico

     Scottie had been playing with WIX trying to set up a website, but apparently felt a little overwhelmed.

     He asked if I could give him some help and advice. His home church (Maranatha Baptist Church in McAllen Texas) just brought them on back in May, and Scottie’s pastor told him it would be to his advantage to have a website.

     I talked with Scottie briefly today and told him I had played briefly with WIX, and frankly had not invested a large amount of effort in figuring out how to use it. WIX generates some fantastic, good looking websites, but depending on how much you want to do with it, it can get complicated, and expensive really quickly.

     I asked Brother Scottie if the De Hart Family Missionaries website needed to be complicated and flashy. He said he wanted to keep it simple, a place for pastors to go to find the information they would normally find in his information packet.

     I asked brother De Hart if he had looked at WordPress and he had not. We went to my WordPress Demo website ( and I gave him a tutorial on WordPress for about an hour. After the tutorial brother Scottie decided that WordPress would probably be very easy to use, and would fill his needs nicely. 

     We talked briefly about a domain name for the De Hart Family Missionaries website. He thought “” would be great, and it was available.

     I registered for them, and set up WordPress this afternoon. Brother De Hart is already customizing the website and adding his prayer letters to the website.

     It is a blessing for us to help missionaries to be able to focus on their mission and raising support while we worry about the maintenance and security of their websites for them.

     Please pray for the De Hart Family – Missionaries to Mexico as they raise support and work to provide support to ministries in Mexico.