Déjà vu all over again (to quote the late catcher Yogi Berra)!

     First the blessing I need to share! Our sending church (Harvester Baptist Church in Ellicott City Maryland) voted to pay the deductible for our storm damage (which is a considerable amount!). Harvester Baptist Church is where Maureen and I were both saved and later married. It is also where I surrendered to preach. The church has taken care of us over the years. It was Pastor Simpson back in the 1980’s that said (as a joke I am sure) “you can always be a computer evangelist.” That comment changed my life!

 Déjà vu

     As I was reading Pastor Simpson’s message on my cellphone the sky opened up again (déjà vu!) with heavy rain, nickel sized hail and straight lined winds! Both the neighbor’s fences suffered in this brief but nasty storm. Praise the Lord we did not seem to suffer any additional damage. I am also praising the Lord that we did not have the house repaired yet, I would hate to have to add yet another roof next week!

     Please pray for those around us that did suffer damage, there was some more HUGE hail – again baseball size very nearby!

 Déjà vu all over again