When I woke up this morning, I found an email from Pastor Brian Smith of Calvary Baptist Church in Plainview Texas indicating the church now had an Official Website (http://www.cbcplainview.com) and asking me to redirect any traffic to the official website. He also thanked us for our service.This morning if I do a search for '”Calvary Baptist Church” Plainview Texas' our unofficial website comes up as the top listing on Google and second on Yahoo (behind a Yellowpages listing).Part of what our ministry does is give an instant high listing on the search engines to a new church website.I did not see their new website in the search engine at all on Google. I have posted a referral to the new website on our unofficial website. This will help get their new website listed in the search engines quickly. I updated the listing in the Indpendent Baptist Web Portal at http://www.baptist-ministries.org to point to their new site and the reference to their new website in this article will also help get their new website listed and searchable relatively quickly.
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog