Monday night's (July 13, 2009) Camp Meeting in Canton Texas was a good experience. They said the attendance was the largest Monday night attendance they had seen at the ETCM. There was some great Country Gospel Music (by Living Proof, The Rochester Family and The Erwins, The Phillips, and The Wills). The music was followed by brief talk by Dr Gene Howard (Nationailly, Internationally known John Wayne Impersonator Look alike, talk alike, patriotic after dinner, and convention speaker). Dr Howard and I had a discussion after the preaching about his websites and his ministry (a patriotic blessing).  Then came some fantastic preaching by Pastor Mark Thrift of Parkwood Baptist Church in Houston Texas on the doctrine of grace. After the preaching we had a chance to meet with the Brown Family (some missionaries we met a while back while visiting a church). They are with Redeeming Grace Ministries. Maureen and I also had a wonderful discussion with Dr. John Gunter (Tabernacle Baptist Church Mission) about the Internet in reference to discipleship, evangelism and assisting churches online.

Earlier in the day, I spoke with Pastor Bryan Easley of New Beginning Baptist Church (in Edgewood Texas) about the Bible Correspondence Courses. I asked him if their church had a website. He said no. I asked if they wanted one, he said yes. We discussed that briefly. He came back for the evening preaching and brought a memory stick with some church pictures. I offered some ideas for domain names and they decided on I spent most of today setting up his church website on templates (I still have a lot to do,but we are on the way. I also worked on transfering a missionaries domain this morning (a lot of issues – but I think we have everything lined up).