I get new requests on my evangelistic Facebook account regularly. Tonight I was sitting in a hotel in San Antonio, trying to do some work on the computer. I received a friend request from a girl in the Netherlands. I accepted the request, and then minutes later received a request from her to "get to know me better." The Lord impressed on me that He had brought her to me. So I told her I would be happy to discuss my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with her. Mind you I was willing to blow off the contact, but the Lord brings us people, and sometimes I am afraid I do not see it plain as day. Anyway she is a good Christian (Catholic) per her, and a good person. I shared my testimony with her, and some Bible verses and she shut right down. I did not fully understand her last comment to me, but I think it was that God would accept her as she was. I told her I would still be friends and not push anything on her, but would be there when she felt she wanted to talk. Please pray for this girl calling herself Susan, who is actually in Florida not the Netherlands.