On 6/30/17, Maureen Hoffman  wrote: Hello
We are praising the Lord about your salvation.Bible lessons were mailed to you on the 19th of June. Hope they arrive soon and safely and that you learn more about Jesus Christ. God bless you, Bob & Maureen Proverbs 3:5&6

On 7/1/17, NEW CAMEROON YOUTHS wrote: SIS MAUREEN,Thanks for the effort.I pray god the lessons arrive safely.I am waiting  xpectantly.

On 7/2/17 NEW CAMEROON YOUTHS wrote:SIS MAUREEN,I just realised my spelling of GOD had a small  G in the above correspondence .That was a typing error. GOODNEWS! My wife confess JESUS and is ready to study along side with me,this is a great miracle.Please pray for us. We will be doing the corresponding courses together when they arrive.I AM certain the courses will be an avenue that many in Cameroon will be saved.Glory.Just keep the good

This gentleman has just gotten saved via an online Bible tract.(The New Birth). He has already led his wife to the Lord using the same Bible tract, signed her up for Bible courses and has a burden for soul winning! Praise the Lord. Please join us in praying for Thomas and his wife in Cameroon as the begin their spiritual lives in Jesus!