Yesterday I returned a “rescued domain” to a church that requested it. We do not charge for anything we do. The pastor said they will send us an offering, that he appreciated us keeping the domain from open distribution., and holding it for them.Old Satan has been fighting again today, with the help of Verizon I think…. I “rescued” another domain last night for a church in Texas. Some had grabbed it and put up an advertising site. They can hold the domain (sort of to try it out) for 5 days, if it takes a lot of hits, they can register it and keep it. This domain was released after 5 days. I have the restored website ready to put up, but Verizon cannot find the host in it's look up (DNS name server). The advertising stayed up last night for a god three hours after it was rescued, and now, some 20 hours later, the name server still has not propigated into Verizon's name server, so I can't do anything but wait.  Also – Verizon seems to drop out other names, I am waiting to update another web page, which also seems to have dropped out from their nameservers. In short, a lot of time is wasted today.(At least I think so) given the other time wasters, I have had some time and redid the Banner on Baptist Ministries. Brought it more up to date and added Lavon Drive Baptist Church as a supporting church in the banner.
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog