From a student in AR…

I have learned to put my faith in God's facts instead of my feelings.
I have learned that wise thinking produces right actions.
I have learned so much more about being thankful. I am thankful now for things I never thought about before doing this course.
As long as we walk in obedience to God, we can have a clear conscience.
Chastening is proof that God loves us. He really loves me a lot!
God forgives us of our sins, but we must still face the consequences of our sins. I am still facing consequences of sins long forgiven.
God and what God provides for me is all I need.
Resentment and bitterness can make prisoners of us. Only forgiveness can set us free. I found this out the hard way.
I can love others because God has put His wonderful love in me.
I am learning to see God in all my circumstances: good & bad.
These lessons have been a real blessing to me.
Some were more fun than others. Some hit me pretty hard because of my imperfections.
I think this course has made me love my dear Saviour even more.