The Global Impact Celebration at Lavon Drive Baptist Church (Garland Texas) finished last night with some great preaching by Dr. Ed Gibson. Dr. Gibson served as a missionary with Baptist International Missions (BIMI) in Japan, and then joined the BIMI board. He preached on Grace last night. It was a super message.


     Lavon Drive Baptist Church then honored the missionary ladies, giving them special gifts and some cash they were required to spend on themselves.

     Steven and Vanessa Borror (with little Luke) who had been staying with us left this morning for Omaha Nebraska. The have an 11 hour trip ahead of them. The Borrors are on deputation, going to South Africa. It was a blessing having them stay with us. Our kitty Goose was able to relax for the first time in days, because Luke was interested in him every time he came out. Goose had never seen a toddler before.