Maureen and I drove to Gun Barrel City Texas yesterday to attend Cedar Creek Baptist Church. The only address we had was "Highway 334." We drove from one end of 334 to the other end and did not see Cedar Creek Baptist Church. Finally I decided to try and call the number I had on the church, and it was answered. The church is now called Grace Baptist Church. We got directions and went to the church. Grace Baptist Church is a very small church with a wonderful seasoned Pastor (Mickey Loftis). Including the Pastor and us, there were seven in the service yesterday (many of the members were sick and could not attend). I had a wonderful time of fellowship with the pastor and members. The church was renamed years ago, but still appears in Google as Cedar Creek. I told Pastor Loftis I would put up a website for him (it's up at Pastor Loftis is recovering from back surgery He has a burden for souls and Gun Barrel City Texas. Please pray for this Pastor and this church as they stand for the Lord!