Maureen and I had the pleasure of visiting Grace Baptist Church in Gun Barrel City Texas today. We had not visited the church in about four years or so and I had not been able to get in touch with the church via telephone.

     The church is a very small church and is typical of the kind of church that we started our ministry to help out. They have no expertise in building a website (the pastor does not even own a computer), and, in fact would have no idea in how to start going about the process of getting a website built (if the thought even occurred to them).

Grace in Gun Barrel

     The church is still up on the old Website Baker templates and I want to update the website to WordPress. I had registered one of my favorite domain names ever for this church back in 2011 ( I got some new pictures and will upgrade the website to WordPress some time next week.

     Gun Barrel City Texas is a small City with about 5700 people. Pastor Mickey Loftis has been faithfully preaching there for the last nine years to a small older congregation.

Pastor Mickey Loftis

     It has truly been an honor to host and maintain their website.

      Maureen and I had a wonderful time of fellowship with Pastor Loftis and his wife Jodi after the service today.