I heard back from Russ and Teresa Simpson, missionaries to Alaska with their choice of domain names and registered www.hainesbaptist.com for them. The website is set up on the templates. I will be updating the website as I get more information for the Simpsons. They have a wonderful ministry going and it is our pleasure to support them!I have been trading emails with a missionary to a closed country. We are working with him and Evangelist Seth Green (who was doing free professional website development for Independent Baptist Churches at no cost) to see if we can get them a secure website that will not be visible to the authorities of the country they are ministering in.I added a link to a blog associated with the Ivory Coast Medical Mission Trip website. The new blog will be updated daily when they get to the field in the next week or so. The blog can be found at: http://icmmt.blogspot.com. Their website is at http://www.icmmt.com.