It was registered by a 68 year old teacher who only ran it on weekends!

I have talked about our "Domain Rescue Mission" here some… a quick review – several years ago I was checking domains on the Baptist Ministry database ( and hit a "Central Baptist Church" website that was now a pornography site. The domain and several links on "Christian" and church websites. We rescued a website for Cornerstone Baptist Church in Queen City Arizona back in 2007 ( The church phone is disconnected now, they were meeting is a school, and the Pastor's email is now bouncing. I am assuming the church is disbanded. I have built a new "Unnofficial Website" for another church "Cottonwood Baptist Church" just to use the domain for the Lord. We are recycling domains, allowing the domain to stay in Fundamental Independent Baptist circles instead of allowing them to fall into the hands of advertisers or pornographers. This will probably be a first – but we will accept generic domains for recycling. If you have a ministry (that you are shutting down) with a generic domain that another ministry could use, please let us know, and we would be happy to try and find a ministry that can use your domain instead of just releasing it to anyone. Remember – if your domain has traffic it is worth money to advertisers and pornographers. Just because the domain is expired and released does not make the domain worthless. I have several generic domains I don't have a home for right now – I think I will create a "previously owned domain lot" for independent Baptist ministries – more on this once I decide on logistics – probably a sub-domain of We do NOT charge for anything we do!