On Sunday (03/13/16) Maureen and I visited Hopewell Baptist Church in Alvord Texas. We have had their hosted website up since 2005. Over the years we updated their website from Front Page to templates, to Website Baker and finally to a WordPress hosted website.

     We lost contact with the church several years ago. The Pastor left and took a church in Florida. The church does not have a phone. I was finally able to get in touch with the Pastor in Florida, and was given a contact number of the person heading up the search committee. I was unable to contact that person so we decided to just go visit the church, which would enable me to get some pictures of the church.

     The church is actually a Southern Baptist Church (they were listed as an independent Baptist Church when we first put up their website).  Their website can be found at The GPS had us going the wrong way, but there were signs showing the direction of the church. We followed the signs and found the church without any problems.

     The church was warm and friendly. We sat through a very good message preached by their interim pastor Joseph D. Wooddell.  I had a brief discussion with Pastor Wooddell, and agreed to update their hosted website.IMG_0173

     After church Maureen and I took the scenic route back to Dallas through Springtown, Fort Worth and Irving Texas. I was able to get pictures of more churches that we host.