New Free Banner Exchange – I spent most of yesterday  creating a new Banner Exchange program. We now have three banner exchange programs to allow webmasters to drive free traffic to their websites. The new one (IFB Banner Exchange) can be found at This is expressly aimed at Fundamental Independent Baptists. We also run a Christian Banner Exchange at, and a Family Oriented banner exchange at

A banner exchange requires you to insert some code on your website. Free websites have a ratio, you will get X impressions (your banner will be shown on other websites) for every Y impressions (times a banner is shown) on your website. Generally you will get less impressions than you show (we offer 2 impressions for every 3 banners you show). You can usually also buy impressions or clicks (you can show your banner without having to insert code and show other banners on your website). Some sites (including ours) allow you to target your banners (in our case a banner can be targeted by country or time of day). I can opt to show my banners only in the US, or the US and Canada between 8 AM and 4 PM (as an example).