IRS Denies Tax Exemption Says Bible Teachings ‘Typically Affiliated’ With Republicans

IRS Denies Tax Exemption to Christian Texas Group, Says Bible Teachings ‘Typically Affiliated’ With Republicans

The IRS said the Republican-founded group isn’t neutral enough for tax-exempt status. It encourages Christian civic engagement.
  (The Texan) JUNE 23, 2021
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has denied tax-exempt status to a Christian group in Texas on the grounds that “the bible [sic] teachings are typically affiliated with the [Republican] party and candidates.”The group is Christians Engaged, a faith-based civic engagement group in Garland run by regional Republican fixture Bunni Pounds. A fundraiser and 2018 congressional candidate, Pounds navigated Republican circles for a decade before founding Christians Engaged.

The group itself is nonpartisan. It holds prayer meetings and offers educational materials for Christians to engage in political activism. Generally, the group’s mission is to encourage Christians to promote their values politically.

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