Computers Are Fun! A couple of young nurses from Lavon Drive Baptist Church are planning an “Ivory Coast Medical Missions Trip” this summer. I asked them if they would like a web page set up, and they said they would. I spent the better part of today putting up a web page for them at I opted to use the templates to get more practice in building sites with them in order to be able to help those churches that choose to use them. I don't have any feedback from the nurses on the site yet,  I expect some changes.  The computers are still throwing fits. I have decided to try and repair the Windows Vista installation I have on my laptop, since many of the features are broken (as much as I hate Windows, it is likely that I am responsible, since in order to fix some nagging problems, I decided to simply remove some software programs that were installed, such as office 2007 and Works). Anyway, the distribution CD appears to want to reformat the hard drive, and does not allow me to “repair” the Vista installation (it may actually allow a repair but it is not evident). I have been backing up the hard drive to DVD now for 8 hours and I suspect I am about 3/4 completed. I will let you all know how it goes when I attempt to repair the disk tomorrow. 
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog