As I was going through the Baptist Ministry database, checking for broken links, I found that the website for the King James Baptist Church in York, South Carolina was down. Their domain, was available to register.

     There was little information in Google available on King James Baptist Church. This would be a good candidate for a domain rescue, but there were good indications that the church may not be there any longer.

     After trying everything I could in the search engines I decided to call the number I had for the church. A man answered, and I was quickly engaged in a great conversation with Dr. Robert Hensley, pastor of King James Baptist Church in York South Carolina.

     We had a discussion about Texas, and then his church’s website. The young man that had put up the website for the church had moved on, and the website came down. Pastor Hensley wasn’t sure they had any response from having a website up. I took some time and explained our ministry to him, and shared some testimonies of how God has used websites to direct people to ministries.

     Pastor Hensley asked what we charged, and I explained we did not charge for anything we do in our ministry. After some discussion we decided to put up a website for the church. Pastor Hensley explained he would prefer a domain name of kingjamesbaptistchurch instead of kinjamesbc. I did a quick search, and the dot com version of the domain was already taken by a church in Maryland. Pastor Hensley decided that would be fine.

     I registered, and installed WordPress. Dr. Hensley will review the website when he has time, and hopefully can provide some additional content, and suggest some changes he would like.