We made it to Lake Ridge Baptist Church in Cedar Hill this morning. Pastor Charles Hays was a blessing. If you have been keeping up to date on our Blog here, you know we tried to attend last week, but it did not work out. When Mrs Hays found out we were coming from Garland she asked if we could bring some banners to Rodgers Baptist Church in Garland and save them a 2 hour round trip. I said yes and she said “that was an answered prayer.” God works in mysterious ways, and there was a reason we were prevented from going last weekend! Pastor Hays is looking to get a formal church website up. Their “unofficial” website is at http://lake-ridge.baptist-church-online.us. The preaching was good, and the music was good. This is  good church! We dropped off the VBS banners and attended Rodgers Baptist Church in Garland tonight. Pastor Ron Thomas was gracious and thankful for the banners. It was good service, and the message was a blessing. Rodgers Baptist Church website can be found at http://www.rodgersbaptist.net.