Lampasas Baptist ChurchI received a call from Lampasas Baptist Church in Lampasas Texas. I had “rescued” their domain ( last year when it had expired and they wanted to know what they needed to do to take control of the domain again.

Let me take time to briefly explain the domain “rescue” mission we have here. The Baptist Ministry Database ( is a link based database. A domain with many links into it has value, no matter what is on it. People will hit links to a website causing hits to that website. A domain that takes hits is worth money, and as such can and will be registered by someone looking to collect on a minimal investment (a .com domain can be registered for a year for about $10).

As I was going through and checking links out I found ministry websites that had expired had been re-registered and now contained advertising content (not optimal) and even pornography. You can imagine how I felt, having a Baptist Ministries Database no linked to a pornography website!

The domain for Lampasas Baptist Church had just been released and I found it was in several Fundamental Baptist Directories and I rescued it.

Back to yesterday… we talked for a little while and Pastor Stall decided that he would like to keep their domain ( on our hosting, and that his son would update the website using WordPress. I installed a WordPress Website for them with an SSL certificate, and gave them the login credentials. They were able to get a basic website up and running in a short amount of time.