I was approached by a lady that wanted to do online Bible studies for a bunch of friends. She is calling her study “Lamplighters.”

     She had registered a domain and set up a website (letyourlightsoshinetoday.com) on Goddaddy’s Website Builder using their one month free trial.

     She asked if I could host the website using WordPress. I told her I could (and would). I created (to the best of my ability) a duplicate Lamplighters website using her content (less the copyrighted images) in WordPress at wp.letyourlightsoshinetoday.com so she could look at WordPress and see how it works.

     She feels that the site looks fine and is going to see if she can grasp WordPress (which admittedly requires a bit more technical expertise than Website Builder does). WordPress also offers more features and flexibility, and best of all is free.

     She told me she “would make it work.”

     When she is ready we will go in and move the top level domain to point to the WordPress Website and go live.