A Ministry of Vision Baptist Church in Rochester Hills, Michigan

I continued working with Dr. Russell Kidman on setting up his Bible College website. This website is also set up on the Website Baker templates. He had some problems sleeping last night and got a large portion of the website (correspondencebiblecollege4u.org) online today. Dr Kidman told me that he was impressed with the ease of being able to implement his ideas so easily (even though the one shortcoming was the inability to easily modify the headers that are hard coded in the templates). He felt the ease of use more than compensated for the shortcomings. We are looking at setting up Moodle to put the courses online for the college.

In talking with Dr Kidman, I discovered that their home church (Vision Baptist Church in Rochester Hills Michigan) had no website, but had an expired domain. I rescued their domain (visionbaptistchurchmi.com). I have the church set up on the WB templates also, and will finish the installation tomorrow. We will also be looking at moving another website of theirs to the templates.