We were contacted by Pastor Paul Jones of Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland Texas around Thanksgiving. He found one of the “unofficial websites” we have up as a “placeholder” page for the Baptist Ministries Database.

Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland Texas

     Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland has a Facebook page and Pastor Jones wanted to know if he could “link the two together” and pursue putting up an official website for the church.

     I sent Pastor Jones some information but never heard back from him. Last week Maureen and I took a road trip and dropped in to Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland for their evening service.

     Liberty Baptist Church is a friendly little church. Pastor Paul said they ran 31 in the morning service. The church is a small church that needs a lot of prayer.

     Brother Paul invited me to give a brief presentation of our ministry. 

Bob Speaking at Liberty Baptist Church in Eastland Texas

      We spoke after the service and Pastor Paul decided on a domain name for the church (lbceastland.com). I took some pictures of the church and set up a starter website, and will be working with Pastor Jones on the website as he provides more content. Maureen spoke to Mrs. Jones (Pastor’s wife) and it looks like we will be providing Liberty Baptist Church some Bible Courses to use in their preschool Sunday school classes.

     If you are looking for a church that needs laborers and are willing to roll up your sleeves for the Lord, I would recommend this church as a worthwhile investment of your time, resources and money!