A request for helpMaureen and I attended a Sunday School class fellowship dinner on Friday evening (01/02/09). We had the opportunity of meeting  missionaries Chuck and Robin Martinez to Guatemala. Chuck is a missionary pilot. I would have liked to talk to Chuck more, I have a Private Pilot's license and had looked into missionary aviation several years ago (but determined the requirements were too stringent given my qualifications).A class member said he had a Son in Law that was a pastor in Texas and the member said he would contact the pastor and see if we could get into that church and present the ministry. I appreciate any help we can get to present the ministry.Fast forward to Sunday night (01/04) and after evening church service, I received a call from the class member. He gave me the contact information on his Son in Law, and said “he would like to talk to you about their church web page.”  I took the information and told the member I would call the pastor today (Monday 01/05) after I did some research.  After some research last night and this morning I found:8 different domains for this church – none of which had a working home page.One domain that had already expired and was available for re-registration.7 of the domains appear to be registered by the same person (church member?) three of which land on this persons business site!I am not sure what I will find, but this has the potential of becoming a fantastic case study of what a church should not do in the case of creating a web presence. I will post more about this here, and I am planning a creating another chapter (I had planned on that BEFORE I found this) on some basic steps a ministry should take in guaranteeing the own and have control of their web presence! I will post more after I speak with the pastor and see what the “rest of the story” is.
Source: Cyber-Missions Blog